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Kubb is a strategic outdoor game where two teams take turns throwing wooden batons to knock down their opponent's wooden blocks, known as kubbs, before targeting the central king block for victory. The game requires accuracy, skill, and careful planning as players aim to topple their opponent's defenses while protecting their own. Play in one of the exclusive leagues in the Twin Cities!


We are excited to announce the 2023 Kubb leagues! We can't wait to get started, the fun is just around the corner. We have added so much to the leagues: New trophy, online website, and beer specials for league members.

We have three league nights on Mondays, Tuesdays, & Wednesdays, each league has 8 teams in it. Teams are composed of 4+ players.  7 weeks of league play, 1 week of playoffs (Monday and Tuesday). 8 weeks of league play, 1 week of playoffs (Wednesday)

One person from your team will sign up a team, this will be the "Team Captain".  Each week, the standings and any adjustments that were made to the schedule will be sent out to team captains. They are responsible for communication between the League Director and their players. 


By joining the leagues, your team will receive the following:

  • Free Entry into the 2023 Kubb Ball Tournament (Nov. 10-12)

  • Beer specials and drink ticket trivia during league nights (free beer!)

  • An excuse to have a fun time with friends in the beer garden all fall! 

  • A chance to win $200 and be on the Wall of Champions & trophy!

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2023 Kubb Tournament
NOV 10-12

If you sign up for the Kubb leagues you will get free entry into the Tournament!


If you can't commit the the Kubb leagues but still want to be part of the 2023 Kubb Tournament, feel free to sign up just for the tournament on Nov 10-12! However, sign up isn't available just yet, but feel free to sign up for the emailing list. You will be notified when spots are open!

Teams are composed of 4+ people and the entry fee is $50 per team. 

Although the tournament spans three days, the majority of your games will be played on a single day (bracket attached).

Winning the Kubb Tournament is a honor that only a few have. However there are some prizes as well:

1st - $200 gift card

2nd - $150 gift card

3rd - $100 gift card

4th - $75 gift card

Once your payment has been successfully processed, your spot in the tournament is officially confirmed. We will be in touch with you shortly to gather additional details, such as your team name and any other relevant information we may need. Get ready to embark on an exciting tournament experience! If you have any questions please email

This tournament ISN'T associated with the leagues. 

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