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The Twin Cities Brewvet Bike Tour 

Welcome to the Third Annual Twin Cities Brewvet hosted by Forgotten Star Brewing!


The Twin Cities Brewvet is a community DIY style bike tour that encourages folks to get on their bikes and ride to as many participating taprooms in a day as they can.  Riders from across Minnesota are invited to come participate in this bike tour around Minneapolis, Saint Paul and the greater metro. The inspiration for the Brewvet comes from the French bicycle event brevet, or, randonneur, which is a bike tour that challenges riders to set destinations within a set time period. The goal is for riders to finish the ride and earn a brevet de audax, or, a certificate of audaciousness. Think of a bike race mixed with a scavenger hunt, and a block party to top it off! 

Check out ticket info, participating breweries and our FAQ below.

Participating Breweries

2024_Brewvet_Breweries (2).png

Brewvet Details

The ride starts at 12PM on Saturday, June 22. Riders can start at any location they want, and choose their own itinerary for the day, riding to as many or as few breweries as they choose. Each brewery check in earns a stamp on your rider card.  Each stamp is is good for one raffle ticket. Raffle tickets win prizes from participating breweries and local partners. Rider cards must be turned into Forgotten Star Brewing by 7PM on June 22 in order to be tallied.


Cap off your ride with a free beverage and  party in the Forgotten Star beer garden. We’ll be celebrating with a block party featuring the all-vinyl DJ’s The Ring Toss Twins and over $3000 in raffle prizes! Riders also get a free soft serve ice cream cone from our new food truck Hodgepodge.


Registration cost is $20. Registration includes a rider card, a finish line beverage at Forgotten Star, ice cream from Hodgepodge, access to the Brewvet online manifest with links to maps, brewery happenings, bonus raffle stops and challenges to earn more raffle entries. Plus, let's not forgot about those major bragging rights!


Rider cards can be picked up at Forgotten Star Brewing beginning at 12PM on Monday, June 17 through Saturday June 22 at 5PM. Event is rain or shine - no refunds available. 

Brewvet FAQ

Do I have to ride to all of the breweries?!

The only brewery you have to visit is Forgotten Star so we can tally your rider card (you do get a stamp for checking in there, by the way). If you can make it to all 25, that rules! If you make it to two, that's great too! We’re just happy you want to hang out with us. 


Where do I get my rider card?

You can pick up your rider card starting on Monday June 17 at Forgotten Star. Rider cards will be available for pick up until 5PM on the day of the Brewvet. 


Do I have to drink beer at every brewery? 

You don't have to drink any beer if you don't want to! The goal of the event is to get folks on their bikes and around town. Breweries are just fun locations that happen to have beer ;) 


The only thing you need to do at each brewery is have an employee stamp your rider card so we can tally your stops when you check in at Forgotten Star at the end of your ride.


What are the prizes?

All Brewvet prizes are donated from participating breweries and local sponsors. These can range from free beer, brewery merchandise, taproom rentals or group tours. They are almost always worth more than $20. The prizes will be raffled off, and the amount of raffle tickets you receive depends on how many stops you make!

Can I ride with a group?

Of course! You and some friends are encouraged to ride together! (TBA - sponsored group rides)


Do I need to sign up to ride? 

You need to sign up to be included in the raffle prizes. If you want to ride with your pals to some breweries on a Saturday, by all means do so! 


Do you have to be present to win a prize?

Yes - riders need to be present at the after party to claim their prize! 

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