"I’m Lily, when you don’t see me at Forgotten Star I’m probably off chasing my toddler around or eating up whatever my chef husband has created in the kitchen. I enjoy all types of beer but I chose these four because they really compliment each other. A little classic, a little tart, a little fruity, and a little boozy... all my favorite things about beer! Enjoy one while taking a trip back in time when you listen to a classic playlist curated by me.”

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"I'm Dan, the assistant brewer and newest member of the team! When I'm not helping brew or clean, you can often find me behind the bar pouring a pint of my favorite beer (for quality control, of course). I chose these four beers because each one is a good representation of an ingredient used in brewing! The IPA for hops, the porter for malt, the belgian for yeast, and the stout for chocolate (ok maybe not that last one). The playlist might be a little eclectic but I also feel that each song represents different memories, events, or specific periods of my life. An example being like that one summer I had that "Journey's Greatest Hits" CD stuck in my CD player! So enjoy the beer, the music, and thank you for supporting us!"

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"I’m Darrin, if you can’t find me in the taproom I’m likely at home with my partner JoJo and our dog Porter either gardening or making preserves. The four beers I chose represent the eclectic nature of our taproom and the community that helped make it so wonderful over the past year...a thirst quencher, a beautiful dark, a familiar with a twist, and a boozy celebration. My playlist is all about the joy that being in the taproom brings. Follow these steps to bring that taproom joy into your home! Step 1: Open a beer! Step 2: Smile! Step 3: Dance!"

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“Hey All, I’m Matt, Head Brewer here at Forgotten Star Brewing. The best part about beer and brewing is trying new things! In my Taproom In A Box I included Dark Skies, Berry Lu, Liquid Sunrise, and The Big Stick IPA. Thank you all for your continued support! Cheers!”

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