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3rd Annual

November 10-12

Gather some friends and play in our Kubb Tournament for only $25 per team!

This year, the Kubb tournament returns with even more excitement, featuring 32 competing teams competing for the title of Kubb Champion! The games span from 5PM on Friday until Sunday at 5PM. What makes this event particularly convenient is that your team will participate on only one day. The exception being if you reach the final four, which will require you to play on two days. The tournament operates on a one-game elimination format, adding to the thrill and suspense. Top three teams receives ($300, $150, & $75 in gift cards).

Please note that for this tournament, we will be adhering to the fundamental Kubb rules, as outlined in our standard rulebook. The league-specific rules do not apply in this context, so teams participating in the tournament need only familiarize themselves with the basic Kubb rules.


(Click on date to register)

If you're unable to select a specific time slot, it's an indication that the slots are already fully booked. 

In the event of a time slot purchase, we will initiate contact to confirm your reservation. Confirmation will be processed during the work week.

Why Should I Sign Up?

The Food & Friends

Imagine friends, Kubb, tasty food and cozy wood fire pits – that's what you'll find at this tournament. Come for the good times and relaxed vibes.

The Beer

Enjoy our award-winning beers, alongside a diverse range of brews. Plus, you'll have chances to score free pints during the tournament.

The Glory

As the 2023 Kubb Tournament Champions, your team will etch its name in history. And to sweeten the victory, you'll take home a $300 gift card.

Second place isn't too shabby either, with a $150 reward, and third place will claim a $75 prize.

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