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If you aren't familiar with, or have just forgotten about, the structure of curling here at Forgotten Star, it is slightly different from official curling regulations. It's more of a backyard style of curling. We use mini versions of curling stones while using brooms to either speed up or slow down the stones. It's a great way to have some outdoor fun during the winter, while enjoying a beer with friends.

This year, we are installing a Glycol Outdoor Ice Rink Chiller to ensure that the quality of the rinks will meet the standard consistently. Additional, we have reduced the length of the rinks to elevate the level of competition. It will no longer rely solely on strength to hit the targets; instead, finesse and skill will be emphasized this year. We are also introducing an online league portal where you will have access to standings, the schedule and the ability to report your score during league nights.

By signing up for the leagues, you'll get:

  • Free entry into the 2024 Bonspiel (Feb 2-4).

  • A chance to win a $300 gift card if you are the league champion (prizes awarded to the top four teams).

    • Your team picture on the wall, and your team name engraved onto the trophy.​

  • A "Curling Beer" - each week, there will be a different beer available for $5 (exclusive to league members).

  • Opportunities to win FREE beverages.

  • Access to an online portal.

  • Outdoors bulletin board to view standings/ schedule and updates.

See "Team Details" for more info

League Details

Team Details

  • Team size should be at least four people; exceptions can be made. There is no limit on the maximum number of players.

    • Teams can pickup players throughout the year.​

    • To sign up as a solo/duo free agent(s), click the link above.

  • The team captain is the person who signs up the team and is responsible for communicating with the team members.

  • This is an eight week league. The top three teams in each league,  will make the playoffs on March 1st!

Game Details

  • Double headers each night; you'll have a mix of early games and late games through the season.

    • 5:45 & 6:45pm OR 7:45 & 8:45pm​

  • No flexibility in rescheduling if games are canceled.

    • If the weather makes the games unplayable, teams will receive a refund in the form of a gift card.

  • For a more detailed version of the rules (Full Rules)

  • A third land has been added, with the possibility of increasing league teams.

The top three teams in each league will make the playoffs to compete for the title of "2024 Curling League Champion" and the opportunity to have their photo displayed on the Wall of Champions. The top-seeded team in each league will receive a bye for the first round of this tournament. This tournament is scheduled for March 1st.

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